Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Foofa's Evolution

I thought it might be a little fun to show you how Foofa has evolved over the few years that we've been developing this show.


I rendered this in 2004 when we first started to pitch the show. Note the butterfly wings and bunny tail, which we ended up scrapping. The idea was that Foofa (the girly girl ) could fly and the flower on her head was like a helicopter propeller. This concept might've been a little too ambitious, she being a live action character.

In fact, pitching the show with just these drawing was really hard because people didn't grasp that these characters weren't going to be animated. The sooner we could actually make them into real-life costumes was the only real way we could get the point across.


Foofa's costume design.

Christian really hit the nail on the head with this conceptually. Here we have is a cute little flower bubble of a Foofa.

...And here's how it came out...

Kinda cute...but kinda not so cute. We wanted her sweet, but not frumpy.
Oh well, good enough to shoot a demo...


The first two episodes were made. We shared some bits on the internet. They tried it and they liked it! Yo Gabba Gabba is now a go! Now it's time to go back and iron out some wrinkles before we start shooting the real deal.

I whipped this up at the tail end of 2006 to show how we'd like her to change. After sketching and sketching different ideas, I looked back to Christian's previous concept and I really thought that a lot of the answers were already there. With that, different fabric, a cuter, teardrop-shaped head separate from the body and better eyes. We also learned that with the (then) existing Foofa, her body hung down below the knees, so it made it really difficult for the performer to move around. It's a learning experience.



Oh Foofa! What a doll! Here you are in all of your glory! It's an extreme makeover, you beautiful swan, you!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Daddytypes.com: On The Existential And Quantitative Implications Of Yo Gabba Gabba Going Prime Time

A friend just sent me this link. LINK
Pretty interesting, no?

...Wow, people I don't know are throwing all of these big words, names and numbers around, like we're doing something important...HA!

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Saaayyyy....did that logo change?