Friday, April 27, 2007

A Peek Inside The Yo Gabba Gabba Office

Here we are in the lobby.
The receptionist is out. She's dancing around in a blue cat-dragon costume right now.

Cubicles! You can see big time producer, Justin Lyon calling the shots in his blurry office back there. My area is in that corner under the big Tubaloth. You can see by the look on Jordan Kim's face that this is the happiest place on work!

Here's Scott's office...

...and Scott's toys.

Here's Christian's office...

..and Christian's toys!

Oh, here's Christian right now. This is one of the 4 recording rooms we have here. Rad!

That's Mossy and Adam! These guys are what we in "the biz" call, "the talent". Mossy is getting into character and Adam is working on his cyclops vibrato.


Well, thanks for dropping by! Next time I'll show you round the set.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Our Flashmaster Kris Boban gets a lovely write up over at! Check it out!!! Link
Way to go Kris! We're all proud of you over here.
Thanks for making us look good.

Now get back to work!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Yo Gabba Gabba! Livejournal Community!

We never knew you existed. Thank you, Yo Gabba Gabba Livejournal Community citizens!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007


Hey internet! How are you? That's good. We have winners for the fan art contest, and guess's a tie! Both Becky and Elio will be getting the grand prize of a signed copy of the pilot on dvd. We have two honorable mentions as well by Brie H. and Joe A. Here's the winners...



Brie H's

Joe A's

TOTALLY RAD! We'll probably do another contest in the near future, so stay tuned! All the fan art was awesome! You can check it out at the myspace: Thanks again to all who entered!

Seacrest out--er, bye.

Monday, April 2, 2007

Good Morning!

It's early Monday morning and we wanted to get an early start on the working week. So here we are in the office. We are in the last week or so of pre-production and we still have a lot to do. We noticed that this blog thing needed a little more Yo Gabba Gabba and a little less Blogga Blogga. So we just wanted to put this picture of us with our brand new moustaches to prove our point.

But SERIOUSLY, in the near future we'll be putting up more information about the show, production stills, fun information that's been confirmed about this season (including guest stars and animators), web updates, video clips, cliff notes and cliff hangers, etc., etc.

Until then, stay tuned for more information here at the blogga, on and on our myspace page just as soon we find someone to update them for us. It's almost 2:00 AM. Now get to work!!!!