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YGG Live brings out lots of great new friends!

Check out all of the Gabba Gang with Dinosaur Jr. DMC and Biz Markie...

Did you get to see Yo Gabba Gabba Live - There's A Party In My City?

If so, what did you think? Do you have any fun photos we can see?

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fan made Gooble Video


Post is cruising along. Taking a break from making magic some of the crew take a ride to grab smoothies and snacks.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Greetings

From your friends at Yo Gabba Gabba!!

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Waiting For The Paint To Dry

In my opinion, the greatest Yo Gabba Gabba behind the scenes video to date!
Staff songwriter Aaron Watene gives us the perfect example of making creative use of our downtime by singing about our most frequent time killer on the set--waiting for the paint to dry.
Beautifully captured and directed by our official photographer Ben Clark and starring a handful of us, the crew. Enjoy!!

Waiting For The Paint To Dry

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Wrap Party Wrapup!

We had a great time with our friends and families at the Season 3 Yo Gabba Gabba Wrap Party. Since the wrap party, this year, just so happened to fall on the night before Halloween, we made sure to give it all the Halloween fixins.There were spooky rooms filled with great photo-ops, trick-r-treating, lots of great food and super-fun music!

Speaking of music, our friends (which you all might remember) SUPERNOVA played lots of fun songs for us!TINFOIL!

What kind of Halloween party would it be without a costume contest? We didn't want to find out!

Winning the kids category was our Producer Rita's daughter seen here dressed as Dorothy!Click your heels twice for a NEW BIKE!

Brandon Minton took the coveted mens prize with a spot-on rendition of Prince!PURPLE RAIN!

Corey Janus dressed the best in the womens category, beating out some really great costumes. As a mail-order-bride, she really arrived in style!FRAGILE!

We'd like to thank Paul Frank for donating such awesome contest prizes, I know every one of those winners is riding in style, now.

If you'd like to see more photos from the party, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT MY FLICKRSET!!!

How was your halloween?

Ours was pretty good!


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More Halloween awesomeness!

Jackson and Noah Burdette are ready with their awesome Yo Gabba Gabba pumpkins! They really look great, guys!

If you've created a Yo Gabba Gabba pumpkin of your own, leave us a comment with a photo-link. We'd sure love to see them!

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It's Halloween!

We go bonkers when we see photos of Yo Gabba Gabba fans showing their appreciation in creative ways. I personally love Yo Gabba Gabba themed birthday cakes. Ultimately halloween time is our favorite! Especially when the whole family is involved.
Courtesy of our dear friends at this is a prime example of what I'm talking about. What a cool bunch!

*Click here for more pics*

Keep posting! We love this stuff!!!!!

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Last Shoot Day, what a day!

Today was a special day, an almost sad say, a day of hope. Today was the last day of shooting Season Three. There was a lot of hugging, taking pictures and LOTS OF MUTANTS!

It was also Downey Flu - Mutant Day!

Cristina Acocella had it bad, but won it good! Upchuck bucket and all, she took home the prizes.GET WELL SOON, CRISTINA!

Brandon Minton had a HUGE headache, but managed to keep his cool, though it did take him a few moments of rest. In the end, he came to and lugged home lots of awesome prizes!GET THAT CHECKED OUT, BRANDON!

Christian Jacobs, our loyal MC of the themed days dressed the part every single day, but never won a prize. We though it would be a great idea if we all joined together to make him ONE AWESOME PRIZE!Here he is, with said prize. AWESOME!

Check out these Downey Flu survivors:WASH YOUR HANDS!


Last Day of Shooting?!?!?

So today is the last day of shooting for Season 3. I was trying to find words to describe what working here was like and I was really struggling with a proper description. It's kind of like Disneyland, it's kind of like summer camp. With costume contests and surprises everyday. Your face gets sore from smiling or laughing too hard. You get visits daily from your FAVORITE bands or celebrities that you looked up to as a kid. You are surrounded with friends, family and people that love you. You are anxiously engaged in a good cause and equally creating something absurd! You're constructing a valentine to the people that deserve it the most; our children.
The closest thing I can liken this experience to is the finale scene in The Muppet Movie. The number is called, "The Magic Store", which oddly enough it bears the same title of our company.

Thank you Nickelodeon, W!ldbrain, The Magic Store and undoubtably, God for giving us the time of our lives.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lions, tigers and bears! Oh my!

The roar of the wild truly spread accross Gabbaland today, for today was Animal Day!

Little Ducky Darla won the gal's contest today, beating out an amazing snake and the chicken of the sea!Way to go, Darla!

Bryan "The Rat" Schlam took the men's prise dressed as a really convincing rat!What a character!

Check out these party animals:*animal sounds*