Friday, October 23, 2009

Last Day of Shooting?!?!?

So today is the last day of shooting for Season 3. I was trying to find words to describe what working here was like and I was really struggling with a proper description. It's kind of like Disneyland, it's kind of like summer camp. With costume contests and surprises everyday. Your face gets sore from smiling or laughing too hard. You get visits daily from your FAVORITE bands or celebrities that you looked up to as a kid. You are surrounded with friends, family and people that love you. You are anxiously engaged in a good cause and equally creating something absurd! You're constructing a valentine to the people that deserve it the most; our children.
The closest thing I can liken this experience to is the finale scene in The Muppet Movie. The number is called, "The Magic Store", which oddly enough it bears the same title of our company.

Thank you Nickelodeon, W!ldbrain, The Magic Store and undoubtably, God for giving us the time of our lives.


Gabbafriends said...

Thank YOU, Yo Gabba Gabba!, for letting us have a daily glimpse into what it's really like behind the scenes of our favorite show! In the past, we could only guess or imagine... like an exclusive club that only the cool kids ever get into, but you guys went above and beyond to make your readers and fans feel like part of the daily process. It was so much fun checking out the costumes and the Photo of the Day! Keep up the awesome work! We'll look forward to checking in on season four's daily updates! And every consecutive season thereafter! :)

Dex said...

Thanks guys for giving my kids a cool show to watch, for exposing them to cool bands, and for giving us opportunities to laugh together.


Beth said...

WoW!!! Thanks for all the daily updates...I am looking forward to seeing Season 3 and can't wait till next season to what magic The Magic Store will make :)

Grahm Hutton said...

wow, great blog. I have just stumbled upon it after searching for more about this magical show that my 18 month old son has become completely enamored with. Looks like its as fun a place to work! We can't wait for the new season...

minorthoughts said...

I surely hope this is not the LAST day of shooting ever. This show has transformed our family's television experience. This show has given us something positive, entertaining, exciting, and AWESOME to watch together.

We have a 1.5 year old and while this may not be the target demographic, I can assure you - your program has been a part of our family since our daughter was 4 months old. By chance, we stumbled across the Youtube vid of "Party in my tummy" and my husband discovered this was a show. We turned it on once and our daughter, even at 4 mo old, was HOOKED.

Today, at 20 months, she's IN LOVE with this show. She begs for it, she stands at our projector and says "gabba gabba". We saw the live performance yesterday and she was in a trance like state the entire time.

What you provide to kids of all ages is a show that not only is entertaining free of violence, explicit sexual references, or adult humor (which is all too pervasive in most cartoons) but also a show that promotes physical exercise, mental exercise, musical education, and just tons of fun!

Every single person involved in this show should be incredibally proud of what you do every single day.

The gift you give to my family is priceless!

I'm writing to all of the production companies and networks you're involved with to beg for a Season 4 (and 5, and 6!).

Enjoy your off time but gear up to come back - we can't get enough of you all and our DVR is waiting for more of your wonderful talents!