Thursday, December 30, 2010

♬ Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye ♬

This morning, I went to The Magic Store Production office to collect the last of my belongings as we are movin' out. The Yo Gabba' snowball is still rolling bigger and bigger as our show's popularity is only increasing. However, we just can't wait any longer at the office for the powers-that-be to let us make more episodes.

Amid the boxes and trash, I find my scripts from seasons 1 & 2 and a prop I designed for the "School" episode.

This is where we used to record audio, edit video and even design merchandise-eo.

This is what our skate ramp looks like naked. Gosh, I hope we don't have to repaint the walls...

Here I found the last bottle of Obama HOPE. I think it's time to break it out, no?
Come on, season 4!

Aaron Watene (Songwriter/ Super Music Super Star) and son were doing the major hauling of our stuff out of the building as Christian Jacobs & Ron Cameron's art peek over from behind what's left of the skate ramp.

Goodbye to our magical home.
Goodbye to another great year.
Happy New Year!!

And if you know anybody that's hiring, have them give me a call, okay?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jordan Kim is AWESOME!!!

MY FRIEND, thee Super Awesome Mr. Jordan Kim is a Yo Gabba Gabba writer, motion graphics designer and vocal talent (among other things). We love him.

Jordan made this video for Sam Prekop. Now you may love Jordan too
View below:

For more of the amazing Mr. Kim go to Enchanted Fern

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Czech Stop Motion Children's Film

Attention Gabba fans of all ages in the greater Los Angeles area!

As animation producer for Yo Gabba Gabba! and a die-hard stop-motion animation fan, I highly recommend checking out the one time only L.A. premiere of a new stop-motion animated Czech film, In the Attic, at The Silent Movie Theater / Cinefamily this Saturday December 4 at 2pm. Located at 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90036 - Free parking available across the street.

It's part of the Los Angeles Animation Festival International that's happening this weekend. This is animation legend, Jiří Barta's first feature in 25 years and has been described as a kind of European version of Toy Story. I'm told it's definitely kid-friendly, although, there are subtitles. Barta is seriously one of the greats so don't miss this!

Watch the trailer and tell me this doesn't look like an amazing work of art!

Be sure to look at the festival's full schedule. There are lots of great films coming up, including a special screening of short works by claymation master Will Vinton! (California Raisins, The Noid) December 5 at 1:45pm. Will Vinton will be there in person too! Don't miss this rare chance to meet a living legend of animation history! Who doesn't love raisins?

Saturday, November 6, 2010

YGG VANS! Spot #5 - Plex!

That's right. Christian Hosoi, Bucky Lasek, Plex and DEVO.

YGG VANS! Spot #4 - Brobee!

Next we join Brobee as he pushes freestyle motocross to its limits. Pro Motocross riders Ryan Villopoto and Dean Wilson look on.

Friday, November 5, 2010

YGG VANS! Spot #3 - Toodee!

For today's Vans Spot, we're going to head over to the beach and catch up with Toodee who is out surfing with Alex Knost! Awesome! Music by Tommy Guerrero.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Episode Tomorrow!

Tomorrow at 11:30 am (PST), 12:30 (MST) on Nickelodeon the Yo Gabba Gabba episode "Fairy Tale," written and directed by Matt Fackrell. Featuring the Flaming Lips and music from The Submarines, Andy Fackrell and California's own ska/reggae band See Spot. The episode is a fun adaptation of Jack and the Bean Stalk. It will be a good time!

YGG VANS! Spot #2 - Foofa

Here's the next spot for Yo Gabba Gabba Vans! It features Foofa riding her BMX having a truly RAD moment. Watch it. Enjoy it. Live it.

Also, we're excited to announce that thanks to numerous requests from fans around the world, Vans has announced that they will release an adult-sized Yo Gabba Gabba! shoe this March! Stay tuned for more details.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

YGG VANS OUT NOW!! Spot #1 - Muno

THEY'VE ARRIVED! The all-new Yo Gabba Gabba Vans are now available! To celebrate, we're unveiling five commercials directed by YGG Co-Creator, Christian Jacobs. We'll be unveiling a new commercial each day. Here's Muno skating downtown LA...

Come back tomorrow for the next clip! In the meantime, go order your vans!

Friday, October 15, 2010


A few photos were taken over the last few weeks of some amazing things! Vans and Yo gabba Gabba have teamed up to do a line of kids shoes.. and rumor has it some adult shoes in the spring!

Vans also teamed up with our team at the MAGIC STORE to produce some fun little commercials for the upcoming NOVEMBER release of the shoe line!

If the shoes and the commercials turn out anything like these photos we are in for a treat!

Check out these amazing shots by Ben Clark!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christian Jacobs on Road Trip Nation

"You've got to put yourself in those sink or swim situations...Make things tough on yourself so that you're stronger." - Christian Jacobs

Episode 1 - Season 7 of Roadtrip Nation
Meet Team “Tabula Rasa” and follow their first attempts at cold calling, from local restaurants to the White House, hoping to speak with Michelle Obama. They meet each other and their RV for the first time in Southern California, before heading to interview Christian Jacobs, lead singer of The Aquabats, and co-creator, writer, and director of the hugely popular Yo Gabba Gabba pre-school television show.

Watch the whole episode and these exclusive online clips:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

"The Spirit Of The Boogie" With The Roots on The Jimmy Fallon Show!

Try to get mad at this, I dare you!!

Here's a Brobee + Questlove bonus:

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Regis, MGMT, Flaming Lips, oh my!

Live with Regis and Kelly invited DJ Lance and the gang to come out and appear on the show! How awesome is that? They filmed it yesterday and it aired today. We have video proof!

Thanks, Regis! Yo Gobba Gobba loves you back!

Later that night, MGMT invited them over to show up at their big Radio City Music Hall show (quite appropriately) during "Kids"! Someone even filmed it on a magical camera phone!

Then we got even more from our friends! The Flaming Lips had a bunch of dancing DJ Lance Rock girls dancing at their show last night in Toronto! So cool!!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

More TCA Awards Pics surface!

Hey folks! Between our collective cameras and the various interwebs, we've gathered a few more pics from Saturday's TCA awards for your enjoyment!

Christian and Scott accepted the award and got the crowd to say the magic words, "Yo Gabba Gabba!"

The whole gang came out to help accept the award. And look! Someone took a video!


Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) and his wife took a moment to grab a pic with Toodee and our director/editor, Jason Develliers! They were super nice!

Dean Norris (Breaking Bad) and his wife Robin got in with the whole gang! They're huge fans and so are their kids! Awesome!

Our exec. producer, Jon Berrett got a shot with the kids from Modern Family!

Meanwhile, I was viciously attacked by Manny from Modern Family! It was his 12th birthday and Tom Hanks got everyone to sing to him!

The highlight of the evening was getting some pics with the legendary Tom Hanks!!

creators and cast members of 'Yo Gabba Gabba' with Tom Hanks at the 2010 Television Critics Association awards

The whole gang! Plex, Brobee, Foofa, Toodee, Muno, Scott, Christian, Mr. Hanks, and a guy from TV Guide!! (photo by thomas lewis)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another TCA Award!!!!

Yo Gabba Gabba once again won over the Television Critics Association last night by taking home the "Outstanding Achievement In Youth Programming" Award! What a true honor just to be nominated, but to have won twice now! This time around Muno, Brobee, Foofa, Toodee and Plex all made a surprise appearance to accept the award.
Tom Hanks also won a TCA Award for The Pacific and here he is hanging out with the gang at the event!
Christian looks pretty happy.

Other links: IMDB TV Headline: TCA Awards: Where Yo Gabba Gabba! Meets Tom Hanks

Gabbafriends: Petition for a Yo Gabba Gabba Season Four

Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's BORING when we aren't in production.

Some fans thought so too. They even made a petition!

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Seahorse Odyssey!


Newly discovered photographic evidence surfaced over facebook recently, showing off some of the YGG Season 3 crew with what looks to be, a giant friendly seashorse!

Click the image to see the rest.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Christina Aguilera gives us a shout out on the Today Show

Wait-wait-wait, did she just say that watching Yo Gabba Gabba with her son inspired her new album? Well okay then. :D
Thanks Christina.

Watch it here

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tokyo Police Club "Breakneck Speed"

The awesome band, Tokyo Police Club recently debuted the video for their great new song, "Breakneck Speed". See if you an spot some familiar faces in there!

Yo Gabba Gabba at Coachella - Foofa!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Parker showing art and doodling this weekend!

kids of all ages A celebration of children’s books and the artists behind them.

5.28.10 – 6.25.10.

Opening night – Friday 5.28.10 7-10PM. With a special reading of “An Awesome Book” by Dallas Clayton.

Also, a weekend full of awesome events for the kids!

Saturday 5.29.10 11AM-2PM. Special readings, a musical performance by Aska Matsumiya w/ her daughter Babel, make art on free pairs of kid sized Van’s with Travis Millard, Mel Kadel, and Parker Jacobs!

Sunday 5.30.10 11AM-2PM. More special readings, a musical performance by Mickey Adams and friends, and more!

Free children’s THIS shirts designed by Dallas Clayton.

We are all super excited for our 4th show at THIS, a huge celebration of children’s books with books and original artwork from the artists available for purchase with a portion of the proceeds going to 826 LA.

For more details click HERE

Also: be sure to follow Parker's daily doodles over at

Friday, May 21, 2010


Via Yo Gabba Gabba News!

Yo Gabba Gabba! guest stars on Nick's True Jackson, VP "Trapped in Paris" from NickPress on Vimeo.

DJ Lance and the Gabba Gang are taking a trip from Gabba Land and heading to Paris to make an appearance on a special episode of True Jackson, VP!

What's the gang up to in Paris? Catch the premiere of "Trapped in Paris," the one-hour True Jackson, VP TV movie this Saturday, May 22nd, at 8:00 p.m. Eastern and Pacific on Nickelodeon to find out!

Plex at Coachella!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Yo Gabba Gabba "Origins" Tuesday May 11 Cinefamily (LA)

Hello Friends!

Yo Gabba Gabba animation producer and theremin demonstrator Kevin Sukho Lee here. Just wanted to mention a few things about about our upcoming Tuesday May 11 Yo Gabba Gabba "Origins" program at Cinefamily. We're super excited about it because it's a chance for us (who make the show) to celebrate Yo Gabba Gabba! with you guys (our loyal fans) and let you peek behind the curtain and hear about how it all started and how this crazy kids show went from being just an idea to a real TV show seen around the world (and at the White House).

Lance Robertson (who plays DJ Lance Rock) will be there, as well as show creators Scott Schultz and Christian Jacobs to talk and to answer questions.

As a special treat, we will be including never-before-seen footage. Such as the original demo made in 2005 - this is even before the pilot. Not many have seen this and survived to tell the tale. This is your chance! We'll also be showing peeks into season 3 that no one has seen yet! No where else will you get a chance to see this.

And if that wasn't enough, we'll be giving away free prizes! Who says we don't love you guys!?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some folks are asking if it's going to be kid-friendly and the short answer is: YES! The longer answer is that we are showing lots of awesome Gabba footage and some old kids show clips, but we will also have time for Lance, Scott, and Christian to talk about the show. It's actually kind of like this blog you're reading right now! So bring the kids but just know that there won't be any dancing or singing in person (just on the screen). This isn't a "kids' show" in that way. But it is still 100% safe and maybe even enlightening for kids to hear about how an idea you start with your friends can become a TV show that is seen around the world! We'll have a Q&A so think of some good questions!

Hope to see you there. Be sure to buy tickets in advance if you know you want to go. It could sell out!


VIA: Yo Gabba Gabba News

Every friday in May, you can join DJ Lance Rock and Yo Gabba Gabba! animation producer, Kevin Sukho Lee at The Cinefamily at The Silent Movie Theatre in Los Angeles, California for an awesome night of film screenings and FREE PRIZE giveaways! The series, The Big Blue Marble, showcases an eclectic assortment of children's programming from around the world!

PLUS as an extra special event, Tuesday, May 11th, The Cinefamily is hosting a special night of clips, fun, and discussion showcasing the origin of Yo Gabba Gabba! Join the party for a chance to meet the creators of the show and find out how Gabba Land was brought magically to life!

Tickets to the screenings are $10 each and $12 to the Yo Gabba Gabba! special event or get a one month membership for $25 and see all the movies you want for a month plus a $4 discount for special events. CLICK HERE for more information.

Yo Gabba Gabba at Coachella! (HD Teaser)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Big Blue Marble: Fun And Funky Kids' Films, Curated by Lance Robertson & Kevin Lee (of "Yo Gabba Gabba")

(This is in addition to our previous post, Movie Night With The Yo Gabba Crew!)

The Big Blue Marble: Fun & Funky Kids' Films, curated by Lance Robertson & Kevin Sukho Lee of "Yo Gabba Gabba!" from Hadrian Belove on Vimeo.

To a child, there are no boundaries of culture, no barriers to acceptance of any external stimuli -- as long as it's cool. Explosions of color, light, music and funky characters are a universal constant, and never fail to, even in our adult lives, zap our inner kid cores into sweet submission. The hit kids' television show "Yo Gabba Gabba!", an awesome program for kids and adults alike, is a proud proponent of this philosophy -- and we're thrilled to present guest programmers Lance Robertson (the show's star, aka DJ Lance Rock), and animation producer Kevin Sukho Lee, as they unearth some choice childrens' cinematic seeds from the vaults of yesteryear. From personal favorites to prominent influences to the just plain rad, they'll orbit around this big blue marble of ours to bring you an eclectic assortment of far-out kinder-fare from around the globe.


Friday, April 30, 2010


I just thought this was funny.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Movie Nights with the Yo Gabba Crew!!

Kevin Sukho Lee (YGG Animation Producer) and Lance Robertson (DJ Lance Rock) will be curating "The Big Blue Marble" series of special screenings in May at the Cinefamily Theatre in LA. This is going to be a lot of fun!

5/7 @ 8:00pm / Animation Night: European Stop-Motion Favorites shown with Hugo The Hippo

5/11 @ 8:00pm / SPECIAL TUESDAY SCREENING: TV Tuesday: "Yo Gabba Gabba" Origins!

5/21 @ 8:00pm / J.T.shown with The Wiz

5/28 @ 8:00pm / Mondo Krofft-O (feat. Pufnstuf)

These are very special events and we hope that you will join us!
For more information, tickets and trailers CLICK HERE

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coachella Round Up - Day Three!

The Gabba Gang at Coachella!

Day Three of Coachella came sooner than we knew it and we were super excited to get out there and enjoy the fun! We met up in the VIP area for a minute before strolling around the grounds.

Muno at the VIP Area

Foofa got to meet one of her new "trailer neighbors", B.O.B. who we hear is going to be the next rap superstar! Awesome! He fell under Foofa's spell. She's so sweet!

Foofa and B.o.B.

Then the whole gang (remembered that they forgot to post this picture from Saturday of when they) met Diplo and Major Lazer! They were almost as excited to meet us as we were to meet them! They invited us to join their show, but due to the busy schedule later in the day, it just didn't work out. Sorry guys! We still love you!

The polo field grounds that they hold Coachella on are really beautiful. They even have a dedicated flower garden area that is absolutely amazing! It was right by the dance tent. Hmmm... Flowers and dancing, who does that remind you of?

Coachella Rose Garden

Foofa of course! She was in absolute heaven and spent no less than three and a half hours skipping and frolicking in the flowers because, well... she loves flowers!

Frolicking in the Rose Garden

Eventually, she finally wandered over to the Dance Tent to see a bit of Paparazzi's set. She met lots of new friends who were super friendly and danced with her! Awesome!

Foofa Getting Down in the Dance Tent

And someone even took a video of it!

Meanwhile, Brobee was doing his part by hopping on the Human Hamster Wheel (they made an exception for him, being a monster). He generated enough electricity to light a small light bulb for a two seconds! So cool! Way to think about the earth there, Brobee!

Brobee on the Human Hamster Wheel

After that, everyone went to join our new B.F.F. (Best Friend Forever, yo!), King Khan on stage for his set! He played "Land of the Freak" and invited us all on stage with him! It was a such a great time!

King Khan & The Shrines & YGG

And someone in the crowd even had a camera and took a video of it and posted that video on the internet!

Later in the set, DJ Lance came out to hype the crowd up a bit some more and had a little dance off King Khan himself! It was so cool! We'd post a video of it, but The King was a little scantily-clad by this point, so if you really want to see it, it's on the interwebs. This is a kids show, after all!

After that, we went over to watch De La Soul who totally brought it! They were great and were super nice to DJ Lance earlier. Friends of Yo Gabba? They are now!

De La Soul

We also caught a few of Charlotte Gainsbourg's songs. She was so lovely, Foofa was in awe. Totally slammin'!

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Then we caught some of Spoon's set! They were great too!


One of our favorite bands, Pavement came on next with their highly anticipated reunion! It was awesome and they ended with "Cut Your Hair"! Thanks guys!!


We couldn't believe our eyes when Gorillaz hit the stage. Their set was amazing and everyone had a blast! Yo Gabba Gabba's been a big fan of theirs for a long time, and we were in awe of their amazing video show! Here is a shot of the screen when they played "Super Fast Jelly Fish" which makes us hungry for seafood breakfast cereal (sounds like something Toodee would like!)

"Super Fast Jelly Fish" Gorillaz

So that was it! A total great weekend at Coachella! What a great time we had and so many awesome memories made. Not to mention all the new friends! It was crazy! Big thanks to Paul and Goldenvoice for inviting us! We hope to see you there next year!

Palm Trees at Night

Stay tuned for an upcoming video of all our Coachella adventures. This was just a preview! :D