Sunday, April 25, 2010

Coachella Round Up - Day Three!

The Gabba Gang at Coachella!

Day Three of Coachella came sooner than we knew it and we were super excited to get out there and enjoy the fun! We met up in the VIP area for a minute before strolling around the grounds.

Muno at the VIP Area

Foofa got to meet one of her new "trailer neighbors", B.O.B. who we hear is going to be the next rap superstar! Awesome! He fell under Foofa's spell. She's so sweet!

Foofa and B.o.B.

Then the whole gang (remembered that they forgot to post this picture from Saturday of when they) met Diplo and Major Lazer! They were almost as excited to meet us as we were to meet them! They invited us to join their show, but due to the busy schedule later in the day, it just didn't work out. Sorry guys! We still love you!

The polo field grounds that they hold Coachella on are really beautiful. They even have a dedicated flower garden area that is absolutely amazing! It was right by the dance tent. Hmmm... Flowers and dancing, who does that remind you of?

Coachella Rose Garden

Foofa of course! She was in absolute heaven and spent no less than three and a half hours skipping and frolicking in the flowers because, well... she loves flowers!

Frolicking in the Rose Garden

Eventually, she finally wandered over to the Dance Tent to see a bit of Paparazzi's set. She met lots of new friends who were super friendly and danced with her! Awesome!

Foofa Getting Down in the Dance Tent

And someone even took a video of it!

Meanwhile, Brobee was doing his part by hopping on the Human Hamster Wheel (they made an exception for him, being a monster). He generated enough electricity to light a small light bulb for a two seconds! So cool! Way to think about the earth there, Brobee!

Brobee on the Human Hamster Wheel

After that, everyone went to join our new B.F.F. (Best Friend Forever, yo!), King Khan on stage for his set! He played "Land of the Freak" and invited us all on stage with him! It was a such a great time!

King Khan & The Shrines & YGG

And someone in the crowd even had a camera and took a video of it and posted that video on the internet!

Later in the set, DJ Lance came out to hype the crowd up a bit some more and had a little dance off King Khan himself! It was so cool! We'd post a video of it, but The King was a little scantily-clad by this point, so if you really want to see it, it's on the interwebs. This is a kids show, after all!

After that, we went over to watch De La Soul who totally brought it! They were great and were super nice to DJ Lance earlier. Friends of Yo Gabba? They are now!

De La Soul

We also caught a few of Charlotte Gainsbourg's songs. She was so lovely, Foofa was in awe. Totally slammin'!

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Then we caught some of Spoon's set! They were great too!


One of our favorite bands, Pavement came on next with their highly anticipated reunion! It was awesome and they ended with "Cut Your Hair"! Thanks guys!!


We couldn't believe our eyes when Gorillaz hit the stage. Their set was amazing and everyone had a blast! Yo Gabba Gabba's been a big fan of theirs for a long time, and we were in awe of their amazing video show! Here is a shot of the screen when they played "Super Fast Jelly Fish" which makes us hungry for seafood breakfast cereal (sounds like something Toodee would like!)

"Super Fast Jelly Fish" Gorillaz

So that was it! A total great weekend at Coachella! What a great time we had and so many awesome memories made. Not to mention all the new friends! It was crazy! Big thanks to Paul and Goldenvoice for inviting us! We hope to see you there next year!

Palm Trees at Night

Stay tuned for an upcoming video of all our Coachella adventures. This was just a preview! :D


Aisha Sioux said...

I love love Yo Gaba Gaba (...and mind you, I just turned 23 on April 21st!) nevertheless, you guys rock! tons of love from me! :)

Krista Eger said...

I turned 23 on December 4th and I love you too! It's not just for kids! Although my son LOOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEESSSSS it too! He's watching it RIGHT NOW! :D

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see the Yo Gabba Gabba crew at Planet Coachella! Being a local, Coachella was that much more special because of you guys! I made sure to take pictures for my daughter (2 years old). Come back next year... please?!