Saturday, April 24, 2010

Coachella Round Up - Day Two!

Coachella 2010

Saturday morning came bright and early with the promise of lots more fun, fun, fun! The whole Yo Gabba crew headed down to the show together. Muno made sure he rested up a lot in the VIP area because seeing cool bands and meeting new friends in the raddest concert festival in the world is really hard!

Brobee ran into his old pal, Giovanni Ribisi and his daughter Lucia! Giovanni is an actor and was in some big movies! Even some of the biggest ever! He was super cool and Brobee was a happy camper. What a great way to start out the day!

Bobee meets the Ribisis

Toodee was meeting new friends of her own. Here she is sneaking in a little kiss with Temper Trap singer, Dougie Mandagi! Can you blame the guy? Toodee is such a cutie!

Then it was time for the whole gang to take a stroll across the fairgrounds. They met a lot of new friends on the way who wanted to take pictures with them.

Yo Gabba Gabba at Coachella

The whole crew wandered down to the Record Shop tent and just happened to run into our friend, Mark Mothersbaugh who was doing a signing with his band, Devo! Plex even got to sport a blue energy dome! Everybody, it's a good thing!

After that, Muno talked everybody else into taking a ride on the Ferris Wheel! (I think it was actually called the "Giant Wheel", probably due to some copyright laws)

Here's a better view of Muno waving to everybody. You could see for MILES from up there!

Muno Rides a Ferris Wheel!

After that, Plex took a quick trip to the ATM machine. He wanted to check his balance before buying some T-shirts and was surprised to find that it printed out a fan letter! Apparently they have basic cable in ATM land as well.

So everyone headed back to the Artist Lounge to meet more of their trailer neighbors. See, all the friends they made Friday had moved on and so they had a whole slew of new friends to make! Here is Plex meeting a girl named Beth Ditto who sings in a band called The Gossip. She was super funny and made Plex LOL all over the place.

Beth Ditto and Plex

Then Plex walked over over and met this guy, Claudio Sanchez who sings for Coheed and Cambria. He was super friendly and had amazing hair. (Plex sure wished he could grow hair at all, but that's against the Official Robot Code of Conduct).

Plex and Claudio Sanchez

Meanwhile, Brobee was out rubbing shoulders with celebrities (does Brobee have shoulders?) and he was thrilled to meet Mr. Danny Devito! Now, Brobee is too young to remember Taxi or Twins, but he was just excited to meet someone his same height!

Danny Devito meets Brobee

Muno got to meet Imogen Heap who was wearing a really cool hat! She was really nice and Muno invited her to come to Gabbaland some time. Wouldn't that be fun?

Suddenly, Brobee met up with King Khan who is in a band called King Khan and The Shrines! He was super awesome, and he loves Yo Gabba Gabba like so much! We became instant BFF's (that stands for Best Friends Forever, dontchaknow?). This wouldn't be the last we'd see of King Khan!

King Khan loves Brobee!

Meanwhile, Muno lent a hand to all the hard working roadies back behind the Outdoor Stage. They were loading up equipment for Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros who totally rocked!

Toodee agreed, as she enjoyed the set on the other side of the stage, dancing with the hippies!

Toodee Dances with the Hippies

She felt a little bad afterwards, so she agreed to move some equipment around for Hot Chip.

Toodee Gets Work as a Roadie

Back at the Artist Lounge, Brobee was so excited to run into some of his old friends - Gaspard from Justice, Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT and Christian Jacobs from The Aquabats!

Andrew asked Christian to sign his jeans...

Christian Jacobs and Andrew Van Wyngarden

...and it looks like YGG loves MGMT!

Andrew Van Wyngarden's Jeans

...and vice versa! The circle of love is complete!

Andrew Van Wyngarden and Brobee

Then Brobee ran into Paul Walker who also is a big hollywood actor! Not to mention a nice guy! They shared a few laughs about something or another.

Paul Walker and Brobee Having a Laugh

Suddenly, Brobee felt a rumbly in his tumbly, so he headed over to the Cafeteria and loaded up on some healthy treats! Yes, there was a party in his tummy for sure.

Brobee in the Cafeteria

Now he had the energy to go out and watch Muse, who were amazing! It was a good thing the show was outside, because they would have totally torn the roof off of the place! Great job, guys!


Brobee and Foofa totally loved it!

And of course, the evening ended with an amazing set from Devo! They were incredible!!

Devo at Coachella

What an amazing day it was Saturday! What would Sunday hold in store for the Yo Gabba Gabba gang? We would soon find out!


Kaaren said...

Great post. The pictures are so much fun. And Yay Claudio/C&C

Tony W. said...

Will Justice ever get to be on the show? That would be amazing.