Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Coachella Round Up - Day One!

Coachella Sign

Hey everybody! We hope you had a good weekend... five days ago. We've been very busy recuperating from Coachella! Resting our legs, generously applying aloe vera to our sunburns and taking naps. I think we're ready to blog about it now!

We showed up Friday morning just in time! Muno almost didn't get in!

But once all the gang was there, we saw the excited crowd who was ready to burst with anticipation.

DJ Lance Rock's Crowd

Cardboard DJ Lance Glasses were handed out and everyone got ready for the time of their lives.

Lance soon took the stage, sharing a few songs from the show before bringing out Muno, Toodee, Brobee, Plex and Foofa to get down!

The crowd went crazy! There was a party in everyone's tummy! There was confetti! It was insane! Even the most jaded hipsters couldn't resist smiling and dancing a bit to the sounds of Yo Gabba Gabba!

Yo Gabba Crew at Coachella

The set went great and everybody had a blast. But the fun didn't end there! No, not by a longshot. We had only just begun! The Gabba Gang were sticking around for all three days to enjoy the music and meet new friends! And then suddenly, in weird twist of fate, DJ Lance met Parry Farrell!

Parry Farrell and DJ Lance Rock

Then we all got invited to visit Them Crooked Vultures backyard BBQ! Here's a shot of Josh Homme and Dave Grohl and they're beautiful little girls! They were super nice and the food smelled great!

Them Gabba Vultures

Then we wandered back to our trailer and Plex took a little break in the VIP area.

Plex in the VIP Lounge

After a few minutes, Plex was determined to meet all our new "dressing room neighbors". This is Chris Thompson and he plays drums for Vampire Weekend!

Chris Thompson and Plex

And this is Ezra Koenig. He's the singer for Vampire Weekend!

Ezra Koenig meets Plex

Muno however, decided to go out and enjoy some of the bands!

Plex met his neighbor, Ed Droste from a band called Grizzly Bear. Ed invited Plex to come and watch their set.

Ed and Plex

Plex was very grateful and they shared a big hug before they parted ways.

Ed Droste and Plex hug it out

Then Plex took a quick hop over to the main stage where one of his favorite bands, The Specials were totally killing it! He danced on the side of the stage... until he was kindly asked to leave.

Plex enjoys The Specials

...and someone took video of it!

Then Plex headed back and met these guys from Ra Ra Riot!

Plex meets Ra Ra Riot

Then Plex headed backstage during Passion Pit's show to get a picture with Jay-Z. He gracefully declined, but we got this one anyway.

Plex chilling Behind the Outdoor Stage

Meanwhile, a guy named John Mayer asked to take his picture Muno.

...and then Muno ran into his friend Busy Phillips that he met at the Party in my City show. Her name is Busy!

Then Muno headed around to the front of the stage to watch Passion Pit and got a high five from Michael Angelakos, the guy who sings all their songs!

...and someone took video of it!

Plex headed back and introduced himself to his trailer neighbor, Chris Keating. He's in a band called Yeasayer who played earlier that day. And are awesome.

Plex and Chris Keating Having a Chat.

Around this time, Muno was out in the crowd, rocking out to his friends in Them Crooked Vultures on the big stage.

Backstage, Plex saw a sign on a door that said "LCD SOUNDSYSTEM" and was hoping there would be another robot inside. But alas, it was only this human named James Murphy who turned out to be a super cool guy anyway!

James Murphy meets Plex

Then Plex headed over to see his friend Ed and the Grizzly Bears play, but the camera wasn't working for some reason. So after enjoying a few songs, he headed out and met this really cool french guy named Gaspard. He's in a group called Justice and they even played Coachella before once! Cool!

Plex meets Gaspard Augé

Then Plex stopped by the Ruth's Chris steak stand and fried up some steaks for the kids. He didn't stay too long because he didn't want to make the employees uncomfortable. Who wants their job to be replaced by a robot anyway?

Plex Cooking Some Steak

Then Plex ended the night by watching his friend James' band LCD Soundsystem play under a giant disco ball! It was awasome!

LCD Soundsystem

The first day was incredible, and it was bound to get even better the next day! Stay tuned for Day Two!


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Chow and Russ said...

Tell me this will be repeated at Austin City Limits.

Laurie said...

Tyler, you know I love your posting style. I admit, I totally LOL'd at Plex getting excited to meet a robot in the room marked "LCD Soundsystem"! (Totally love them, btw.)

Michelle @ Flying Giggles said...

Wow, Plex and Muno are total party people, gotta love it! Now, I totally regret not going. To think I went to Vegas for a bachelorette party instead. Maybe next year!

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holy crap ... amazing!!! love the recap and the photos.

Tara said...

This is one of the funniest blogs I have read in a while..I love it!

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I want one of those outfits!