Thursday, December 30, 2010

♬ Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye ♬

This morning, I went to The Magic Store Production office to collect the last of my belongings as we are movin' out. The Yo Gabba' snowball is still rolling bigger and bigger as our show's popularity is only increasing. However, we just can't wait any longer at the office for the powers-that-be to let us make more episodes.

Amid the boxes and trash, I find my scripts from seasons 1 & 2 and a prop I designed for the "School" episode.

This is where we used to record audio, edit video and even design merchandise-eo.

This is what our skate ramp looks like naked. Gosh, I hope we don't have to repaint the walls...

Here I found the last bottle of Obama HOPE. I think it's time to break it out, no?
Come on, season 4!

Aaron Watene (Songwriter/ Super Music Super Star) and son were doing the major hauling of our stuff out of the building as Christian Jacobs & Ron Cameron's art peek over from behind what's left of the skate ramp.

Goodbye to our magical home.
Goodbye to another great year.
Happy New Year!!

And if you know anybody that's hiring, have them give me a call, okay?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Jordan Kim is AWESOME!!!

MY FRIEND, thee Super Awesome Mr. Jordan Kim is a Yo Gabba Gabba writer, motion graphics designer and vocal talent (among other things). We love him.

Jordan made this video for Sam Prekop. Now you may love Jordan too
View below:

For more of the amazing Mr. Kim go to Enchanted Fern

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

New Czech Stop Motion Children's Film

Attention Gabba fans of all ages in the greater Los Angeles area!

As animation producer for Yo Gabba Gabba! and a die-hard stop-motion animation fan, I highly recommend checking out the one time only L.A. premiere of a new stop-motion animated Czech film, In the Attic, at The Silent Movie Theater / Cinefamily this Saturday December 4 at 2pm. Located at 611 N. Fairfax Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90036 - Free parking available across the street.

It's part of the Los Angeles Animation Festival International that's happening this weekend. This is animation legend, Jiří Barta's first feature in 25 years and has been described as a kind of European version of Toy Story. I'm told it's definitely kid-friendly, although, there are subtitles. Barta is seriously one of the greats so don't miss this!

Watch the trailer and tell me this doesn't look like an amazing work of art!

Be sure to look at the festival's full schedule. There are lots of great films coming up, including a special screening of short works by claymation master Will Vinton! (California Raisins, The Noid) December 5 at 1:45pm. Will Vinton will be there in person too! Don't miss this rare chance to meet a living legend of animation history! Who doesn't love raisins?