Sunday, December 5, 2010

YGG! Featured on Last Call with Carson Daly


Cyndi said...

I don't know where else to put this info but songs I would LOVE to be able to buy on iTunes are:
I'm So Happy (Salteens)
Friends (Yo Gabba Gabba featuring Jack Black)

Luther said...

thanx for posting the clip about the creators from carson d. Levi is 17 months old so obviously we are late comers to ygg but we have it blasting on the dvr and itunes and from the speaker i sit in the stroller when i walk the streets of phx az every day...EVERY day there is ygg in our world. New Times used the "word" UN-SNARKY in the article about the live show and thats all it took for me to come out of the ygg closet. Four or Five moms at work have passed around the dvd and i am known to crank up ygg during breaks at work and now i'm not the only one who gets what i'm listening to. levi, dad and mommy LUV ygg!