Thursday, October 7, 2010

Christian Jacobs on Road Trip Nation

"You've got to put yourself in those sink or swim situations...Make things tough on yourself so that you're stronger." - Christian Jacobs

Episode 1 - Season 7 of Roadtrip Nation
Meet Team “Tabula Rasa” and follow their first attempts at cold calling, from local restaurants to the White House, hoping to speak with Michelle Obama. They meet each other and their RV for the first time in Southern California, before heading to interview Christian Jacobs, lead singer of The Aquabats, and co-creator, writer, and director of the hugely popular Yo Gabba Gabba pre-school television show.

Watch the whole episode and these exclusive online clips:

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Mariana said...

We are so happy to have Christian Jacobs as part of our Roadtrip Nation Leader community! His insights and story will encourage people to define their roads in life! He is also one of our feature Leaders on our conversations hub.