Saturday, November 6, 2010

YGG VANS! Spot #5 - Plex!

That's right. Christian Hosoi, Bucky Lasek, Plex and DEVO.


Benji said...

These commercials were great. I also like you used the color of the character for the youtube player embeddy thingy.

sherika said...

My son loves Plex and this is his favorite character. He watches the show everyday no matter what and he has several dvd's. He has the mini characters fofa, muno, brobee, and plex. He tags them along everywhere from the bathtub to the bed at night. He has to have plex by his side always almost more than he needs me(his mom). He loves the KIA commercials that have the sock monkey, muno, robot, and bear riding in the SUV. It's just AMAZING how much he adores the show. He sings all the songs by heart and he always knows whats going to happen next on the show. His 4th birthday is on March 20th and I'm even making YO GABBA GABBA his party theme. :)