Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Halloween awesomeness!

Jackson and Noah Burdette are ready with their awesome Yo Gabba Gabba pumpkins! They really look great, guys!

If you've created a Yo Gabba Gabba pumpkin of your own, leave us a comment with a photo-link. We'd sure love to see them!


M.C. said...
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M.C. said...

My home made DJ Lance costume! (2 pics)


chrispartida said...

Lookin' sharp, Mark!

pat said...

Wow, the kids are famous! Great going! Cute picture, too!

Kelly Tillotson said...

My son Brigham was DJ Lance Rock for Halloween--and we decorated Gabba gourds!
Jaxon and Noah--your big gabbas are AWESSSSOOMMMMMMEEE :)

Matt said...

Brobee-O-Lantern. Check it.