Monday, April 2, 2007

Good Morning!

It's early Monday morning and we wanted to get an early start on the working week. So here we are in the office. We are in the last week or so of pre-production and we still have a lot to do. We noticed that this blog thing needed a little more Yo Gabba Gabba and a little less Blogga Blogga. So we just wanted to put this picture of us with our brand new moustaches to prove our point.

But SERIOUSLY, in the near future we'll be putting up more information about the show, production stills, fun information that's been confirmed about this season (including guest stars and animators), web updates, video clips, cliff notes and cliff hangers, etc., etc.

Until then, stay tuned for more information here at the blogga, on and on our myspace page just as soon we find someone to update them for us. It's almost 2:00 AM. Now get to work!!!!

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