Friday, March 16, 2007


Hey Everybody!

We have received so much attention from all of you spreading the word across the internet and we want to repay you, our loyal and awesome fans, with an AWESOME FAN ART CONTEST!!! That's right, we want your drawings, paintings, photoshop experiments, sculptures, dunnys, munnys, other homemade toys, your baby dressed as Muno, your dog dressed like DJ Lance Rock, anything that is art and related to the show! Just send it to us at with the subject "Fan Art" and it will be judged by the creators of the show and even DJ Lance Rock himself! What is the grand prize you may ask? It is none other than your very own AUTOGRAPHED COPY OF THE PILOT ON DVD!!! This is not a one time deal, either, this is going to be bi-weekly, so every other Friday your pictures will be judged and a winner will be announced here and on the blog ( The first deadline is by Midnight on Thursday March 29th! So send them in! Just make sure to include your name and that they're either jpegs or gifs and not too big! Good Luck!



Mooshe said...


Rainbow Robot said...

So I know when the deadline is... But when do we find out who wins? :D

ZSL said...

Oh sweet!