Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lunch with the Music Department Pt. 1

It is now time for the commencing of the commencement of the music department lunch blog. Food, drink, and a little howyadoin sauce for everyone to enjoy.
Today, I had some leftover whole wheat penne pasta with vegetables and a chunk of baguette. These vegetables were sauteed/steamed in a large pan the night before in a little olive oil and water. Veggies included yellow and green squash, broccoli, and carrot. The original meal contained diced extra firm tofu, but this was accidentally left behind. Sauce was Bertolli Tomato and Basil, chosen for it's mild, yet tasty flavor and lack of heartburn inducing ingredients. Some shredded parmesan was added after microwaving. For dessert, I served myself a Trader Joe's Chocolate Chunk cookie.
I don't remember what anyone else ate.

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The Minister of Sparks & Lightning said...

this is by far far far the best pasta/baguette/veg/cookie related post that anyone has posted on this blog in the last few days. congratulationes.