Friday, April 27, 2007

A Peek Inside The Yo Gabba Gabba Office

Here we are in the lobby.
The receptionist is out. She's dancing around in a blue cat-dragon costume right now.

Cubicles! You can see big time producer, Justin Lyon calling the shots in his blurry office back there. My area is in that corner under the big Tubaloth. You can see by the look on Jordan Kim's face that this is the happiest place on work!

Here's Scott's office...

...and Scott's toys.

Here's Christian's office...

..and Christian's toys!

Oh, here's Christian right now. This is one of the 4 recording rooms we have here. Rad!

That's Mossy and Adam! These guys are what we in "the biz" call, "the talent". Mossy is getting into character and Adam is working on his cyclops vibrato.


Well, thanks for dropping by! Next time I'll show you round the set.


Sleepless Tyrant said...

thank you parker for a much needed and very lovely update!!

Princess C. Banana H. said...

I have that album on my wall too. So cool.

Why does Christian have two Jesus action figures? :l
Isnt one enough?

Sleepless Tyrant said...
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Sleepless Tyrant said...

Those aren't Jesus figures. They're the Rulers of the Tiger Cave. See for youself!

(reposted to add link)

Princess C. Banana H. said...

xD Well of course. That makes way more sense then what I thought.
For whatever reason I confused it with this

Rainbow Robot said...

Thank you so much, Parker. This is rad.

Is that an action figure in Aquabats gear, I spy in Christian's toys?

Alex said...

Yeah, I think I see two aquabats-geared figures next to each other. way cool!

Mike the intern said...

i miss it. and you can credit at least half of the stuff on the walls to my hanging expertise.