Thursday, January 17, 2008

Q: What do you do when there's not enough Yo Gabba Gabba merch out there?

A: Make your own! Some brilliant fans posted this on our myspace page.

DJ Lance's Hat

A quilt and homemade fabric dolls

and the obvious, DJ LANCE DOLL!!!


Jessica said...

That is sweet The only thing we need now is DVD's i cant find any anywhere :( for my 11 month old son who loves watching it.

Monica said...

hey that doll kinda looks like Steve Urkel!!!!!!

M is for Mama said...

That is awesome! Way to go crafty people! Now, if I could just harness some of their talent.... :)

jjandchloe said...

You did not get permission to post my son's pictures... My mom made all those things for him.