Thursday, May 1, 2008

Team Yo Gabba Gabba Dominates the Paul Frank Dodgeball Tournament!!

OK so it was second place, but we played well!

2008 Team Yo Gabba Gabba! L to R:
Team Captain Jon Berrett (Producer), Parker Jacobs (Animation Art Director), Nate Rogers (Assistant to the Regional Manager), Ricky Falomir (Music Writer), Paul Meshreky (Merchandise champion)

Here's Nate powerfully throwing a dodgeball right before it flies out of bounds and accidentally smacks an innocent bystander in the face. Woops!

Team Yo Gabba at the commencement of our third victory which was finding the distracted teammate Paul Meshreky who got lost.

Ricky Fitness serving the PF Warehouse Team a stinging dish of dodgeball fury.

PF's "Flock of Seagals"

Parker on the forefront taunting the opposition mere moments before his own quick elimination.

2 for 2

Overall, the night was a blast! It was extra enjoyable for our 3 team members that are ex-PFers, to be able to throw painful dodgeballs at former coworkers in the spirit of good fellowship.

We'd like to thank our team's sponsor Nike, the band "Every Time I Die" for musical support, Lisa for the pics and the Costa Mesa Police department for breaking the event up.

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