Thursday, July 24, 2008

Mike the intern, back on the scene!

After a long hiatus I am back on this blog thanks to Mr. Parker Jacobs and since everyone sends in some neat stuff to the myspace, I'll post some of the cool stuff on here. To start, here's an awesome Plex birthday cake sent in from Jen and Jasper. Prety rad if I do say so myself!


Ferguson Clan said...

hello yogababagaba ilove yor shoiw yorapitfune and we hvfan so is of yoi gooodbiyye acodfegsintipinforawyab sit fegsion wa bsitfogsi can bog zed p senter

goood biy
(Declan wrote this himself - 4 yrs old)

Melodie said...

That's a cool cake. Love it!

Azalea said...

OMG this kid is sooo cute. that cake looks yummy too.