Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yo Gabba Gabba! In the Media Down Unda

Here's some clips featuring Yo Gabba Gabba (LIVE) on the popular Australia TV program, "9AM With David & Kim"

First off, Ann Marie Biggar talks cool tricks with Foofa Brobee & the kids in Melbourne...Did she just say, "Bigger than the Wiggles?!?!"

9AM With David & Kim - Yo Gabba Gabba Cool Tricks Auditions

Next, Ann Marie Biggar covers the world premier of Yo Gabba Gabba On Stage Live! Interviews Christian Jacobs & Dj Lance himself!

9AM With David & Kim - Yo Gabba Gabba On stage LIVE Premiere


wendykind said...

I really hope for a live US tour, im so jealous! It just looks like soooo much fun!

Tony said...

I really like what DJ Lance said about not being sarcastic or snarky. It keeps the show fresh.

eresea said...

i from Colombia and i see Yo Gabba Gabba in spanish, i have baby eleven months years old. He loves Gabba Gabba and i too.

georgina said...

how does one get a dvd copy of the spanish version?? we live in the states but want to teach our 2yr old kids spanish! and they LOVE the show. they learn english by just watching it and we only speak spanish at home.

florecita said...

Where can I purchase yo gabba gabba DVD in spanish for my 2 yr old

florecita said...

where can I purchase yo gabba gabba dvd in spanish for my daughter