Friday, July 27, 2007

YGG Iron-ons!

Looks like things are really starting to move. They've got printable iron-on designs over at

Click here to print
Click here for directions


textile_fetish said...

"My CHILD's favorite yo-gabba-gabba charcter. . .?" What's my child got to do with this?


Penh said...

Pfui! Kids today have it so easy, with their ink jet printers and their Internets! When I was a lad, if we wanted to make a "tee-shirt" of our favorite character, we had to hang out in front of the general store in the hot sun for days to gather signatures for a petition to send to a clothing manufacturer, and we wouldn't even get to pick the color of the shirt! Then we'd have to go work in the textile mill for 20 hours a day to make the shirts and they only gave us a 1% employee discount (2% if we let them use our hair to make fabric). Those were the days, I tell ya!