Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Halloween Episode announced!

Nick just announced a slew of spooky programming for the month of October, including a new episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!

Monday, October 29 11:30 a.m. Yo Gabba Gabba!/"Halloween"
It's time for the Gabba gang to dress up in outrageous
costumes and participate in the Halloween tradition of
collecting candy. "The Fall Song" celebrates the changing
seasons, while the "Halloween Party" song and "Trick or
Treat" song teaches the gang what happens on Halloween. The
"Too Much Candy" song teaches that candy should be eaten in
moderation. Featuring guest stars, Biz Markie in a "Biz's
Beat of the Day" segment and a performance from Shiny Toy

Read the full press release here!


Jay said...

Anywhere we can go to collect DJ Lance Rock MP3s? Or "Gabba Gabba" Sountracks?

Other than:

"Please, Thank you" with the old school DMC beat is sick.

My 5 mo. old is mesmerized!

pastorwick said...

LOVE the show. My 13 month old randomly does Biz's beat of the day...and goes nuts when DJ Lance starts to come out on the blank screen! Thanks for caring about what they watch, and encouraging us to watch with them!!

megatron said...

'Twas a FANTASTIC episode, as always. Thanks Gang!

Sierras Root said...

Our family loves this show and this episode was Aaah-SOME!

Since we sing your songs all day too, we would love to see an album as well!