Friday, December 7, 2007

Cool Kicks

Our GOGO13 buddy Grik from San Diego tricked out these cool custom Vans. I think he did a fantastic job. However, sorry kids... you can't buy them because he made those for himself. But remember, you can buy other Yo Gabba Gabba stuff here!


joshua wysocki said...

oh man
almost got teased when i saw this
someday vans WILL make these!

maura said...

how do you get these!?

airikank.kuczma said...

Wow! These shoes are the koolest ever! I spent at least 2 hrs & lots of site surfing to try & purchase these. Then i visited this site & figured out that, in fact, I can not currently purchase these-soooo wrong dude! My daughter eats & breathes YO GABBA GABBA! I agree w/joshua wysocki-someday Vans will make these!! Dude did a good job, cool & my girl loves them! :)

SpookyCat said...

Seriously Vans needs to make these!!!! I NEED THEM!!!! They are amazing!!!

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