Tuesday, December 4, 2007

DJ Lance Live Video Footage Wanted!

Do you have any footage of DJ Lance performing at the Glasshouse or any other shows from the Aquabats' Holiday Bonanza tour? Please contact us, we'd really love to see it! Thanks.


Custom Coaster said...

I would Love to film any footage, please come to east coast and not throw me out of the show.

Bob said...

I don't have footage from any of the Aquabats show, but I do have some from when he performed at the Nick Hotel in Orlando.


Carmen said...

You guys should put together a major city tour (all characters and the most popular songs and skits that put you on the map) and at least come to smaller venues in major cities -- would be easy to sell out

Please put atlanta on your list

joshua wysocki said...

haha i would love to see some too
i searched youtube the other week after seeing the photos on myspace!

andy_aquabat said...

you can go to my myspace album "THE AQUABATS! 11 - 27 - 07" to see some pictures i have, but you need to be my friend.



Ivonne said...

I have a couple of videos from the San Diego show on 7/28/08