Tuesday, February 26, 2008

British Hackers Love Yo Gabba Gabba!

It looks like Yo Gabba Gabba is hitting the UK harder than we thought. Yesterday, some hackers broke into the Scotland Yard recruiting website and posted a picture of Kidrobot's Brobee doll with the following message attached:
Officer Brobee sez: Oh HAI Guys do joo wanna bes a policeman lulz? I see that the so 15 anti-terrorism anti-lutz police are hiring more incompetent nervy edgy sociopaths to make London’s streets just a little bit safer! OH LULZ.

SHOUTS TO 10g1kal for being such a leet dude and to LULKITTEH for being so fancy
While we at Yo Gabba Gabba absolutely deny having anything to do with this and do not condone internet vandalism, we do think it's pretty funny.

Here's a link to the original news story. and here's another one.


AgentKaz said...

That is majorly hilarious! I love!

textile_fetish said...

That's hilarious. Go Brobee!

Will Kindrick!! said...

haha! i don't know who this 10gKal character is, but he sounds like a real "leet dude!"

Monica said...

HA HA Brobee is my favorite!!!