Monday, September 22, 2008


Yo Gabba Gabba Season 2 starts TODAY! at 11:30 AM Eastern/Standard time! So tune in and dancey dance your heart out!


jen renee said...

It was awesome - we loved it! And a whole week of new episodes ... this is too exciting.

lolafoxxx said...

oh man i am an addict to you guys.
and i am 17.

i love it<3

christal said...

my son had school... but did i miss it?? NOOOOO. watching brobee's birthday party is AWESOMMMMMME!

i NEED the music from today's show. PLEASE! :D

Lou said...

You guys are AWESOME!!! Can't wait for tomorrow. Happy Birthday Brobee!! You rock!

Dawn B said...

I'm bummed it's in HD. :( We don't have HD tvs yet.

Chris said...

Birthday answered so many questions that came out of Season 1 such as:
* the origins of Pillowsocky
* when did Brobee meet the some other inhabitants of Gabbaland?
* Does Mark Mothersbaugh ever visit Gabbaland?
* Can Dancey Dance instructors stay or must they leave immediately after teaching their Dancey Dance?

Yet it posed so many more questions such as:
Can the White Room regurgitate items other than confetti and balloons?

wendy said...

I love the YGG new season, watch it with my son. I love YGG period. Why the wardrobe change though, DJ Lance's new trim is Yellow, his shoes are different, its cool and everything...but i cant help but think he looks jaundiced. Am I the only one that thinks this?

African-American Brides said...

Darn, we missed it! When does this episode come on again? What about Brobee's Birthday? Our local listings don't have the right information for some reason.

Krissy said...

Did Muno's bumps seem bumpier to anyone else?

GabbaMom said...

Gabba folks!

We need a compilation CD from your first season. These songs are so fabulous we want to take them everywhere!!!! Please!

Laura Kaslow said...

OMG-the new episodes are sooo fabulous. I do agree with the PP that Dj Lance Rock looks a little funky with his skin tone on the new episodes. More orange than usual. Especially his nose. I like the recap at the end and glad you guys kept the kidclub rave music at the end! I am 40 and my daughter is two and we tivo YGG and watch atleast 4 episodes a day. I currently have 23 episodes stored on my TIVO. When's super martian robot girl going to show up in season two? MY favorite one is "friend of the sea".