Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Q and A-OK!

Have you ever been sitting there, watching Yo Gabba Gabba and thought, "I wish I could ask Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz questions about the show they created." Well, faithful viewer, now's your chance!!! To read someone else ask them questions!!!


Mese's Mess said...

Hey guys. This is Mese. I was watching "No Reservations" (the Egypt episode) the other day when Anthony Bourdain starts singing the chorus to "Party In My Tummy". It was insane. Were you guys aware of this? I happen to love Anthony Bourdain and just thought it was cool. Check you guys later.

Jen Men said...

My kids love your show. They actually get up and dance when it is on. I'd love your show even more if comments such as Nikki Flores' grammatically incorrect "Now it's your guys's turn" were edited out. Oh, it makes me cringe!

BrooklynTwins said...

Glad u brought that up, Jen.
No TV series is perfect. Even a show like YGG has mistakes. Nikki was 1 of a small few. It wasnt just her grammar error, but also her lackluster performance (sleepy paris hilton vibe) and lame trashy dance. That said, YGG is as perfect as u can get. Their only other outta whack segment was (and im sure ill get spanked for this)...Cornelius. Theyre a great band, but the song was so outta place.
Anyway, im sure season 2 will rock. cant wait. :)