Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The goods, YO!


Well folks, the Yo Gabba Gabba Production Blog is proud to announce that Nickelodeon finally delivers. Yes! The much anticipated musicy album and dvd are here! Like now, even! For your consuming pleasure. For you! Or your babies, or your grand-babies or great-grand babies!

So, "The Dancey Dance Bunch" (not our pick of title, but hey, what can you do when you ask them to PLEASE PLEASE not call it that?) may contain only 4 episodes, but you can also download the WHOLE SEASON at the iTunes Store. Either way, it's what you want or what Santa might bring later (hint nint nudge nudge) available RIGHT NOW!
Amazon DVD and/or iTunes Episodes

And what's this? MUSIC! Are you aware that you are just a few seconds, just a few mere mousy-clicks away from downloading the all new Yo Gabba Gabba album, entitled, "Yo Gabba Gabba!"? As of virtually now, you could momentarily be bumping along to "Party In My Tummy" in your car, dancing with your great-great-grand-babies to "Pool Party" or even learning a new beat from BIZ himself??? Click now or regret it after now.

And now after all of that super movie robot awesomeness, what could be cooler???

Well I'll tell ya, remember our lucky young friend, Izzie that I mentioned last month? Well check this out. She's 3 and she has a Foofariffic super blog . It showcases drawings of Foofa or whatever Izzie's into at the moment.

There are drawings of Foofa from foofalicious artists like Bryan O' Malley and Hope Larson!! And this blog is FREE!!!!
Issabella's Foofabook LINK This is the true spirit of Yo Gabba Gabba because gabba is as gabba does.

Today is a good day.


Laurie said...

That Foofa blog is too precious. What a good dad.

Diana T. said...

I still wish there were more songs on the album though...

SquishyCuteStuff said...

I am loving the album...make another one already! LOL There are just too many good songs from season 1.

And I am afraid I am going to have to get obsessed with the Aquabats now. Holy guacamole, that's a good song!

Tiffany said...

Love our dancey dance bunch dvd. probably have watched it 10923802934 times in the last few days...and i cant even blame it on the kids. :)