Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Big and Small

Now playing on a great animated Jingle from Season One, "Some Things Are Big, Some Things Are Small" - with music by Jason Falkner, and animation by Christopher Palazzo. It's super pretty, and the song is super hummable and fun to sing along to- for big mouths and small mouths, too.

And the animation and characters are so rad! Here's what Christopher said about designing them.

"The idea is to create as many smiles as possible. The track had a nice feeling to it... like a three minute hug... and I wanted the animation to feel the same way. Big guys helping little guys, little guys showing big guys the cool tricks they can do, etc. It's about being friends with people no matter what they look like."

CLICK HERE to go to Christopher's site and read more about his process, and to see a SMALL video Chris made of the black and white storyboards (aka the "animatic"):

Then, you can watch the very, very BIG finished animated Jingle on!

[But just to give you a heads up: If you think that all things are big, or that no things are small... boy, are you in for a surprise.]

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Angela said...

this segment is one of my 2 year old son's favorites! Thanks to everyone who works so hard on Yo Gabba Gabba- we've watched it since the beginning & it rocks!