Tuesday, March 3, 2009

What's In DJ Lance's Bag?

Hello, friends! Do you sometimes sit alone in your room and think, "How can I be as musically radical as all my favorite Yo Gabba Gabba! characters? Where does Muno get his inspiration to shred? What kind of beeps and bops does Plex like to download (legally) to his motherboard? Who could I ask such questions?" Well, DJ Lance of course! DJ Lance was spotted at Amoeba Music in Hollywood, CA getting gifts for the Gabba gang! Luckily, he was wearing a mic and a camera man was there to film it or this post would be very pointless. Click the link below, then click on the picture of DJ Lance to watch!


Samtastic! said...

Argh! Why can't we know about these things ahead of time?? Is there a site I'm missing? I would have taken the day off of work to go with my kids!

nana said...

my 2 yr old grandson and I love this show and I wish I could buy a dvd collection of shows. I have searchrd the internet and unable to find any videos to buy for home use.