Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Breaking News!

I just received a phone call from Darla (you know, she likes to dance). She just watched episode #2 and the word is; it's the BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD!!! Thanks Darla!

So the show first aired yesterday and we are all very happy, though we are so so busy finishing up the last bits of the season before we all turn into pumpkins. Thanks everybody for all of your support and we would love to hear your feedback here and over at the Live Journal Community.

More Breaking news as it comes.

P.S. So what did you think of the Aquabats today?


Ashley said...

Thanks for creating such an original, fun show! I love the energy. It's completely different than everything else out there right now.

I've written some ideas on how to make some minor tweaks to take it to the next level. YGG is far out. Here's how to make it go far!

If you're interested, you can find the article here.

ryan said...

It was sooo rad. Great job gang. Too bad the instruments had to get wet, that must have sucked.

Way to sacrifice for the kids, Bones!

Holly said...

I saw the Aggrolites song, "Banana" on youtube and LOOOOOOVED the Aquabats (Pool Party is the best song). Seriously, you give me great hope knowing that someday I can drive in a car with my future children and listen to music like this!

Steven said...

Yo Gabba Gabba is the best!!!

I love to sit and watch it with my daughter. My wife is getting tired of me professing about the party in my tummy... lol

It totally reminds me of the kids shows that I used to watch from back in the 70's. Bold, bright, a bit outlandish. Today's shows are so bland and overly polished, that they leave so little to the imagination.

Seeing Mark Mothersbaugh in the "Drawing with Mark" sketch is fantastic. He has that mad professor look down pat. DJ Lance Rock is great!

I'm looking forward to watching the show with my daughter for a long time to come.

How about some Super Martin Robot Girl t-shirts?

Keep up the fantastic work!

EmileesMom said...

Me and my daughter (almost 2 yr old) absolutely LOVE your show. I wasn't sure what to think of it when I first saw it, but after seeing the episode with the aquabats we've been hooked. I love how original and bright it is.
I've been on the nick Jr. blog site praising and defending.

erica said...

Aqua bats rock my world...I remember going to their concerts in Utah when I was in junior high and high school...I was soo happy to see that they were on here...and my husband and I already knew their song...of course with a few word changes! We love Yo Gabba Gabba and would love to find out a way to get our girls onto the show to danec...because of course "they like to dance" :D. Seriously the best show out there. My oldest girl just tasted something new tonight for dinner because of your show THANK YOU THANK YOU...in fact we're watching "happy" right now...we listen to The Saltines song ALL DAY long...over and over and over and over.....

SweetSecrets said...

I am 15, and absolutely love this show. I first came across it while I was babysitting for my neighbors, and when I got home I immediately started looking for more information.
I can't wait for a DVD or CD or something to come out.. I will already know all the words! I watch the episodes over and over again.
My favorites so far have been 'Happy' and, as I believe, the first episode, 'Eat.'
I am well on my way to owning many of the YGG merchandise, and watch the show constantly with my own nieces and nephew.
I have one question, however. I have been singing professionally for some time now, and was hoping I could get some information on performing in the show. Whether it be for the Super Music Friends Show or a voice-over for Super Martian Robot Girl, I would love to be featured in something.
If there is any possibility, please let me know! This is so exciting! : )