Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Video: The Shins "It's OK To Try Again"

Nick Jr. posted up a video of the Shins' appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba! in their "Parent's TV" section. It's a jaunty little number about winning, losing and trying again...

Oh and if you're on a Mac or outside of the country, you're screwed. You'll just have to wait until it airs on TV (or someone posts it on YouTube! Anyone...?) Let's hear it for technology!!


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Terry Howard said...

Just a note, thank you for "getting it" with the whole You Tube thing. I have been able to help you guys gain viewers from other parents at work solely because I could hop on YouTube and show them a clip. I would try to explain the show and get "uh, okay, I'll check it out" but then show a clip and people would be writing down notes, "DVR Yo Gabba Gabba" and underlining it. The show is awesome, my 5 month old loves it and I hope it's around a long time for her to grow with.