Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Fun News!! For Fun!!!

• Things are blooming at the studio over here and Season 3 is going to be the BEST EVER!!

• The Yo Gabba Gabba Youtube channel is sharing more videos! Click subscribe and enjoy them weekly!

• Look at this cool picture of Brobee...Doin' sumpin.

More pictures as they develop.

• New Yo Gabba Gabba Clothing is available NOW in secret Target and Kohl's locations across the country. So that leaves the question as to, WHERE??? Help us find out and win prizes at Gabbafriends.com!!!

• We love it when people buy our merchandise, because that's the only thing that keeps us from sudden, instant and immediate death. 

Nevertheless, home made Yo Gabba Gabba goodies are still the coolest ever. Seriously! For example, check out these 3 homemade goodies from Delane Lyn, a Yo Gabba super fan!
It's Muno's sister Chibo (I♥her), GOOBLE and a little baby named Dexter. OK, so the baby isn't a Yo Gabba Gabba character, but I'm pretty sure he was homemade, so there. You know, something needs to be said about Gooble's growing cult status, especially in the homemade goodies world. Maybe I 'll say something tomorrow.

• You can still catch Brobee and Plex at these Toy's R Us events!!


6/12-Willow Grove, PA [Brobee]
6/19-Springfield, MO [Plex]
6/19-Virginia Beach, VA [Brobee]
7/3-Carolina, Puerto Rico [Brobee]
7/3-North Haven, CT [Plex]
7/24-Riverside, IL [Brobee]
7/24-Gurnee, IL [Plex]
7/31-Midland, TX [Brobee]
7/31-La Mesa, CA [Plex]
8/14-Pearl, HI [Brobee]
9/4-North Park, TX [Plex]
9/14-Bronx, NY [Brobee]
10/16 Holbrook, NY [Plex]
10/23-Katy, TX [Brobee]

• Please, don't bite your friends.


Delane said...

Awww so rad.. we are totally stoked you put that picture up.. yes i am a super gabba fan that is for sure.. be sure to check out the new DJ lance homemade doll i made..hahahaha.. ohh and the boom box on my myspace.com/tattooedmother i love you guys your awesome

Gabbafriends said...

Aw, look at cute little Dexter! Precious!

Hey, does anyone know where the "North Park, TX" location is? People have emailed about it and we haven't been able to find the answer. We *assume* it's one of the stores in Austin, but hard to confirm!


tim said...

Austin...really...I'd make the drive from San Antonio.

Yossa said...

Called the La Mesa, Ca store and they said Plex isn't coming to thier store!!!

toro said...

Can't wait for season 3. Can I leave a suggestion? How about have the all-female dance crew The Beat Freaks (thebeatfreaks.com) on Yo Gabba Gabba? They love to dance! They can even spin on their head. My 1 yr old stares at the screen whenever I play Beat Freaks performances on television the same way she stares when I play the "Train" episode.

Edgar said...

I called the store in La Mesa, was told the event for 7/31 wasn't set in stone because of a construction delay. Was told to call back Wednesday, 7/29.