Friday, July 10, 2009

Today is Scott Johnson's birthday, hooray Scott!

Scott, AKA Scojo is an incredible costume designer and master craftsman who works on our little tugboat of a show. He came on board last season, in a pinch and ended up sticking around much to our delight.

Scott has worked with the Jim Henson Creature Shop for years and years, he also worked on Crank Yankers and the new "Where The Wild Things Are" movie as well as many other awesome productions. We are really lucky to have him, he has a great attitude and really knows his way around furry costumes.

So to you Scott, on you birthday, WE SALUTE YOU!

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Emily, et. al. said...

I don't suppose you'd supply patterns for the shirts/dresses that the kids wear on your show? The ones featuring the characters. Forgive me if I just haven't dug deep enough into the blog yet - I just found you!