Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I ♥ NY!

Here's some math you can get behind:
DJ Lance Rock+Brobee+Central Park+10,000 Fans= FUN!

DJ Lance and Brobee performed a 30 min. set for THOUSANDS of fans at the Central Park Summer Stage event. Well, the thousands that got in. Over 5,000 were turned away because the place was so packed! Thanks to everyone that made this event possible and so amazing! Everyone was singing and dancing! Here are pics from the event! Brobee made us delete the pic of him eating pizza (he got cheese all over his fur).

(All pics provided by Laura Hanifin. Thanks Laura!)


Delane said...

that is rad 10,000 fans wow.. and 5000 turned away..the following of yo gabba gabba is A-w-E-S-o_M-E

The Lonely Stoner said...

I had a blast with my family on this day, Thanks to all who made this possible, We knew better and arrived extra early.I put up a few pics of this day aswell if you came with a mini Dj Lance you might see them.

Mrs. Rogers said...

When are you coming to Las Vegas!?!?! My seven month old LOVES you guys. He's been watching since he was 2 months old, and it's the only T.V. program he can watch from start to finish, and be totally consumed by!