Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Golf originated in Scotland many hundreds of years ago, but here, today, it was perfected. Today marked a rather historical change of events in history: THE TWO-THOUSAND-NINE GABBALAND MINI-PUTT-PUTT OPEN!

Players in both female and male categories pulled up their argyle socks, tucked in their collared shirts and got ready to yell "FORE" as the event wore on. The prize-purse was full of great gear from: KidRobot, The Aquabats!, Toy Machine, Of Montreal, Volcom, Nike and many others!

The ladies went first, but none were able to sink the challenging putt. Good effort, ladies, next time.

The men came in ample numbers, as over 15 players were chosen. Only a handfull were able to make the shot. We think that Jake's meticulous caddie-coaching led them to their victories on the green.

Look at these birdies:Not a pair of spikes in the bunch of them.

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