Wednesday, September 16, 2009

GABBA DAY at Gabbaland!

First off, we celebrated Scott Schultz's birthday by singing the loudest version of Happy Birthday these ears have ever heard.If for some reason you weren't aware of what Scott Schultz's role here in Gabbaland is, he is half the reason that Gabbaland is here. As co-creator and director of Yo Gabba Gabba, Scott makes kids all over the world smile each day. Happy birthday buddy!

Today's theme day was GABBA DAY! We all dressed up in our favorite Gabba Gear, some people made costumes, it was awesome!

Pictured below: Craig Windes, our Minister of Sparks & Lightning.He won the mens' competition with a really great Brobee inspired getup, his frown didn't last long at all!

Julia Vickerman once again went all out and won the womens' category!She's rocking Foofa pink head-to-toe! PINKERIFFIC!

There was lots of great Gabba spirit all over the set today:Great job, team!

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