Friday, September 4, 2009


First off, we have to say "toodaloo" to our friend Dominic Abeyta:

Today was his last day here with us in the office, we hope to have him pop in for a game of ping pong or three... We're going to go a lot more in depth with Dominic later, there's so much to say...

Today's "Mrs. Doubtfire (dress like an old person) day winners were the only two dressed as Mrs. Doubtfire, what a coincidence! That aside, we had a lot of great entries, but here are our winners:

Corey Janus swept the ladies competition dressed as a Mrs. Doubtfire with hot flashes. THAT'S HOT!

Bryan Schlam did his own interpretation of a British Nanny, WHOA YEAH!

Like I said before, lots of good entries, lots of honorable mentions, but in the end, even with the winners, we all win.

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