Wednesday, November 28, 2007

"Christmas" episode on its way!

December 21 - Yo Gabba Gabba "Christmas" (PREMIERE) So much of Christmas is about receiving, but in this episode the Gabba gang learns about giving through the songs "Making Presents" and "For Me For You." They celebrate winter and the holiday season in the songs "I Love Winter" and "Decorate the Tree." Featured Guest Star: Mark Mothersbaugh in a "Mark's Magic Pictures" segment.


the Painters said...

oK I am SOOOO glad it's a CHRISTMAS and not a HOLIDAY episode cause I am getting really sick and tired of everyone changing things to holiday because some people get offended by the word "Christmas". Way to go!

Unknown said...

The Christmas episode is now available on Time Warner Kids on Demand!!! go to that channel and then click on the Nickelodeon tab, then select Nick Jr. I'm not sure if its on any other network's demand but I hope so! Enjoy!

Dr.Hugh said...

Will there be a Hanukah Episode?