Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New Episode Details!

Nickelodeon just released a press release with details about the new upcoming episodes. Here's some noteworthy tidbits of info for you:

- Monday, November 26 --"Car"
It's time for the Gabba gang to go for a ride in a car. In the song "Keep Trying" they learn the importance of using seat belts. The song"Car Ride" explores the thrill of traveling and during the song"Danger," the characters learn to stay away from the road when playing. Guest Stars: Sugarland in a "Dancey Dance" segment; Biz Markie in a "Biz's Beat of the Day" segment

- Tuesday, November 27 -- "Share"
The Gabba gang learns about sharing by singing "Mine and Yours," "Don't Take it Away," "Share," and "Catch and Throw." Guest Stars: Cornelius performs; Biz Markie in a "Biz's Beat of the Day" segment

- Wednesday, November 28 -- "Find"
Imagination leads to discovery as the Gabba gang uncover many things that may be different or frightening. The songs "I Like Fish" and "Woodpecker" encourage the characters to learn about different animals. The "Keep Trying" song helps Muno find his toy snake that was lost and the song "Peek-a-Boo" allows the gang to play with the viewers at home. Guest Stars: Sean Kingston in a "Dancey Dance" segment; Mark Mothersbaugh in a "Mark's Magic Pictures" segment

- Thursday, November 29 - "Train"
The song "Don't Be Afraid" shows the Gabba gang how to overcome fears, while "Train Ride" and "Too Loud" teach them all about the joys of trains. In the "Share" song, the Gabba characters learn about the multiple parts of a train and how if they work together, they can make the train longer. Guest Stars: Laila Ali in a "Dancey Dance" segment, Biz Markie in a "Biz's Beat of the Day" segment

- Friday, November 30 - "Car" (ENCORE) *See above description

Click here to read the full press release.


Danielle said...

My daughter (Lexi, 2) has now started doing Biz's Beat of the Day at the dinner table. She doesn't even talk yet, but she can beatbox! Thank You, Yo Gabba Gabba!


Monica said...

Gotta tell My The niece and nephew.....
ahhh they watch it every day anyway...

rkelly said...

We are looking forward to the new eppy's! My almost 3 yr old daughter LOVES YGG, Biz Beat of the Day, Funny Faces, and more!

Ryan said...

my two year old Cameron also is an amazing beatboxer (and my skills have improved too) thanks to Biz and YGG!

Mel said...

This is the greatest TV show for children EVAR!
I love you guys for making it.
So do my kids.

Zac Bentz said...

Holy crap! Biz Markie?! Cornelius?! Mark emin' effin' Mothersbaugh?!

Forget about the children, this is a 31 year old nerd's dream come true!

gerette said...

What is the beautiful song with the dreamy claymation video on the Train episode? I am totally in love with it.

And if you guys actually teach my three year old the concept of inside voice and outside voice, I will owe you a big favor!

Andy said...

Our family loves this show (I think my husband loves it more than my 3 year old). We always love the music and I want to know if there's a way that you could post all of the artists that appear on the episodes. Sometimes I find them on Wikipedia but not always. Also, we'd looooove a CD with YGG songs - any plans for that?