Thursday, November 8, 2007

Jordan Kim's video for Daedelus featured on Pitchfork !

Jordan Kim is talented, funny and we love him. He is a miracle man in the Yo Gabba Animation department as well as a multi-ranged voice talent on the show.

He is also good at holding piƱatas at parties.

Jordan directed this video for Daedelus. It even made the front page Forkcast over at Pitchfork Media!

Read it here, Jordan at

Watch it here:


Prinz Adam von Gnarstadt said...

'91 Acura Integra

joshua wysocki said...

go jordan go!
this would be a great little song for gabba

twinpeaks said...

Both song and video are awesome!

The Minister of Sparks & Lightning said...


BrobeeBot said...

the picture of jordan with the pinata made me laugh for like an hour.

it just looks so awkward. like flight of the conchords or something...