Monday, August 10, 2009

Congratulations to our friend Charles H. Rivkin!

Our good friend Charles H. Rivkin was recently appointed to the position of Ambassador To France!

Mr. Rivkin joined W!LDBRAIN, an award-winning entertainment company, as President and Chief Executive Officer in 2005. In 1988, Rivkin served as President and Chief Executive Officer of The Jim Henson Company. How cool is he?!


Brobee said...

Our family is/was big fans of Yo Gabba Gabba until, for some strange reason, Nick Jr. took it off the air, right in the middle of the second season and while the show is getting popular! Why? God only knows because nobody will answer this question. We have tried sending emails and letters to Nick Jr., Wildbrain, even the Aquabats and nobody will respond. You would think that somebody would at least have the courtesy to respond. We just want to know why it was pulled and why Nick Jr. still advertises it as being on their channel when it has not been aired for months. We were fans but our kids have pretty much lost interest. It seems to me that this was a bad marketing move. Could somebody please respond?

Thank you,
The Moores

chrispartida said...

Hello Moore Family,

Try checking out the following link:

It's still being shown throughout the day, but on Noggin. I couldn't find anything in the Nick Jr. schedule, but this is a start!


Brobee said...

Yes, we see that it is on Noggin, but in these hard times there are many of us that cannot afford to inflate our cable bill just to see Yo Gabba Gabba. I still say this was a bad move on somebody's part, but we have yet to get an answer. Thanks anyway,
The Moores

bella said...

How do I get My child on the Show?