Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's Adam's birthday!

We caught Adam as he was packing up, in hopes to sneak off to the Happiest Place on Earth...

But it's a good thing that we caught him!

Adam Deibert is an amazing musician that has played major roles in the likes of The Aquabats, Digital Unicorn and Call Sound Call Noise. His talents span YouTube and beyond. His charming smile makes unicorns swoon. Adam, on this day, your birthday, we'd like to say, happy birthday! YAY!


Matt said...

Happy birthday Adam! Your work with the Aquabats, Digital Unicorn, and Bikeride have been such big influences on me and I want to thank you for that.

P.S.- My birthday is four days before yours! haha

Elizabeth said...

Enough with the birthday posts, how about some posts about what y'all do on this amazing show of yours! :)

Brobee said...

Hello. Our family is/was big fans of Yo Gabba Gabba until, for some strange reason, Nick Jr. took it off the air, right in the middle of the second season and while the show is getting popular! Why? God only knows because nobody will answer this question. We have tried sending emails and letters to Nick Jr., Wildbrain, even the Aquabats and nobody will respond. You would think that somebody would at least have the courtesy to respond. We see that it is on Noggin, but why does Nick Jr. still advertises it as being on their channel when it has not been aired for months (see link During these hard times, there are many of us that cannot afford to inflate our cable bill by adding extra channels just to get Noggin. We were fans but our kids have pretty much lost interest. It seems to me that this was a bad marketing move. Could somebody please respond?

Thank you,
The Moores

Curt said...

I'm with Elizabeth! I get excited everytime I see you have a new post and end up being majorly let down to find out that it is YET ANOTHER birthday post.

I love the posts that give me additional insights to what goes on behind the scenes: like the post about Missy Broome and the purse she made for Muno's mom) or sketches of new segments and characters (like the Super Soapy Pal post). BRING THESE KINDA POSTS BACK, PLEASE!!!

Or if you insist filling your blog with Birthday Posts, make it intersting and insightful for the rest of us who have no idea who these people are. Show us some examples of what they have done or made for the show. Make us care for these people, and not just because they would rather be at the Happiest Place on Earth (which in and of itself makes me not care for Adam because in my eyes, working in GabbaLand would trump anything to do with Disney and/or Disneyland).

osodemadre said...

I love Adam...and so happy birthday!