Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today we started filming... will forever be remembered as D-Day.

To pay homage to those heroes of the original D-Day, we decided that the first dress theme was that of fatigues, camo and smiles.

There are dress themes set for every day this production season, be on the lookout for each day's winners.

Today's winners were:

Our Producer Rita Peruggi, congratulations!

She was wearing her brothers ACTUAL Army uniform!

Our Chief Lighting Technician Avi Roffman, hoo-rah!

Great job acting the part today, he was saluting everyone left-and-right!

Here's a great group shot of everyone that decided to dress the part, thanks guys!

Like I mentioned, shooting started today. We had a really great 1st day, with plenty more to go. I can't mention any spoilers, but be sure you all are in for a treat in season 3!

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