Monday, August 31, 2009

Lumberjack Day!

Today was the third theme day here on YGG Season 3; Lumberjack Day!

We had lots of great participation, here are some of the best!

The female finalists:

The winner was Julia Vickerman: a great animator, storyboarder, painter and the most birthday'd girl in the office. Happy birthday Julia!
Other candidates were: Estee Castillo and Shana Levi-Nielsen... great job!

The male finalists:

Joel Fox swept the male category today with his dead-on atire, homemade axe and winning smile. Joel makes the magic happen around here, he is in charge of motion graphics and FX, so naturally, he's got the magic.
Other runner-ups were: Mark da Intern, CJ and Bryan Schlam... Huzzah!

Here is the whole lumberjackin' crew:

Still coming - OSHA Day update!

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