Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Think Inside The Box!!

If you are reading this right now, STOP. No, wait. Finish reading this, THEN STOP. Jack In The Box is now carrying Yo Gabba Gabba! finger puppets in their kids meals! And if you're too young to play with finger puppets, there's a squeeze ball with ALL the characters on it! And if you're don't have the money for a kids meal (who does in this economy?!), you can always paint your finger red, add an eye and play along as Muno! Everyone will clap for you!

Here's the official Jack In The Box site with all the info you'll need! Now you can stop reading and go buy some kids meals!

1 comment:

Mumsy Mania said...

Bummer. No Jack IN the box in all of georgia.. so strange for a girl grown up in so cal with jack in the box everywhere..